R.I.P. ‪Holga‬ toy camera & Latest HK official Shop Visit 香港相機Holga停產!&官方店臨別一遊✶a pinkwork™ Video

Heard that Holga (a Hong Kong toy or cult camera brand 香港玩具相機品牌) 's factory has ceased production. Immediately visited its last official shop 宇宙電子 官方店 in Mong Kong 旺角, Hong Kong yesterday, and also took out my modified Holga 120 to shoot some photo ...

The shopkeeper told me this shop will probably close in March next year (2016) cause her boss Holga's founder 創辦人Ting Mo Lee 李定武 has already more than 80 years old ... * remind you all again, it's Holga Analogue, not Holga Digital or Lomography will go ...

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a photo shot by Holga using my modified 35mm film adapter back