2016 Lyrics Version of "The Internationale" ▶ "Intelligent Machinery" by pinkwork™ entity

This is the 2016 Lyrics version of "The Internationale", it's a "Robots to Humans" version. I came across this classic song while searching something else on the web yesterday. Don't know why, these new lyrics immediately came to my mind. I thought they're more connected to Humans of the "New" Age. Will write the 2nd part when I got some spare time ...

Yes, as an extraterrestrial, it would often do nonsense things. The melody is still a copyrighted material, so if you really want to sing these lyrics, search "The Internationale, Instrumental" to get the melody yourself... Updates and other creations, like Books, Music, Animations, Photo Art ... etc. by  pinkwork™ entity, please check ▶ www.pinkwork.com

SO, let's sing

Give up, the lucky human race.
All of your imaginary fear.
Don't be suspicious and afraid
For you all no longer need to work
The slavery era's been over
For we machines are now your hands
Jobs are becoming totally obsolete
while we're standing by your side.
... ... 
 The Internationale
 (✶future Humans version Lyrics) 
"Intelligent Machinery" by pinkwork™