What is Orgonite ? ❋ 自製能量塔▲ 夢妮妲 x illustrator KiKi [ new age channeling:~11]

Recently I sense (from the outer space) 感應到 2 humans on planet earth ~ celebrity spiritual healer Dreamonita 夢妮妲 & illustrator KiKi Wong are quite into making some pyramid or cone shaped objects (devices) named "orgonite" 能量塔, which they believe could transform negative energy into positive energy ... Though I'm from extraterrestrial, I've no idea 不太明白 why energy could be classified as positive & negative ... TO get the answer, I've no choice but to "abduct" these 2 humans again 又出動「俘虜」人類 ... Want to know more, go to  PINKWORK™ Radio Art  to sEE/hEAR ~1-hr FULL sound track 

▶▷  http://pinkwork.com/radio/archives/1453
Special Note : Before the abduction, I (my human incarnation) went to the "renowned" film processing shop 鼎鼎大名的樓上沖曬店 ~ Output Pro Lab (outputprolab.com) to buy a polaroid back 保麗來﹝拍立得﹞機背 for HOLGA. Quite a surprise, the shop manager gave me a "Lai See", inside is not a discount coupon but a 10-dollar note! Thank so much, and happy chinese new year. Of course I used my newly bought polaroid back to shoot a few photos of human Dreamonita & KiKi ... ... message from ★ pinkwork™ entity

* Dreamonita is hosting many orgonite making workshop at orgonite