Chat with Erwin Olaf, a world-renowned Dutch photographer, A pinkwork™ Video

Just met the world-renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf this morning. Erwin started out as an editorial and commercial photographer for international brands like Vogue, New York Times, Levi's, Microsoft, to name a few, who first emerged on the international art scene in 1988 when his series 'Chessmen' won first price in the Young European Photographer competition. Since then, he has won numerous other international art and media prizes, such as Photographer of the Year in the International Colour Awards in 2006, Lucie Award from the United States for his entire oeuvre ...etc. He just came to Hong Kong last week, well, for Art Basel and his solo exhibition in Art Statements.

First time I met him was more than 10 years ago ... so I got lots of things to chat with him and of course, I would include him in my "Do U believe Aliens exist? pinkwork™ entity is one of them?"  video series.

interview with Erwin Olaf
(*artworks contain Nudity)

★ Do I believe Aliens exists?