"Do I believe Aliens exist?", founder of HK South Island Cultural District / art statements ★

Just visited a long-time no see human friend 's art gallery & shot a few photos by my newly-bought HOLGA polaroid back. This talented human named Dominique Perregaux, a Swiss art dealer who run a contemporary art gallery in HK and Tokyo respectively cum founder of HK South Island Cultural District.

Just as usual, whenever I met human who's special to me (either with quirky or creative mind), I would include him/her in my ▶ "Do U believe Aliens 外星人 exist? pinkwork™ entity is one of them?" Video Series ... OF course Dominique has become one of my targets ~✶

we've not only chatted about many things for quite a long time. He also gave me something special. As an extraterrestrial ★ which would frequent this planet from time to time, I've never expect some nonsense thing / experiment I did here would have great influence on Humans. But I know it always happens ~✶

 SEE, that's a novel (wow, amazon bestseller!) written by Dominique. While I was visiting his gallery he gave me this book (published 3 years ago) , said it's ME who is the first person (being) invited him to write something & made him has the urge to actually write a novel after this trial. 

Did I? Oh, I remember now! It was my "PinkWork" hard-copy Art Paper many many years ago, the topic 題目是 is "Virtual News Virtual Diaries". I first wrote a "fictional" Virtual News 一篇未來世界的新聞, well, about an "Absolute Freedom Bill" is passed in future, law of marriage in all countries automatically become invalid ...

Then I invited 3 people from different background ➸ a comic artist from Japan, HK pop idol Stephy Tang 鄧麗欣 & Dominique to write their own "Virtual Diaries" 未來日記 related to this piece of future news ... ( http://www.pinkwork.com ).

Reading Dominique 's "old" diaries, I suddenly found he also got the talent to be a Sci-Fi author .. but he told me he's working on a ~ POEM book.