AsOne被「外星綁架」短片2016★ pinkwork™ "Alien Abduction" of a HK girl group (Shin 응씨카이, Chloe, Nata, Kayan)

Before HK girl pop group 香港女子組合 AsOne 애즈원 release their new song 新歌《Hey Ya》MV, these four girls were abducted by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial 外星綁架 . Well, just to collect some update info. about them, especially group leader Shin 吳思佳 just attend the  Korean TV reality girl group survival show 韓國綜藝節目《Produce 101》and the group  also launched a quite successful song《캔디볼 Candy Ball》in Korea last year.

As what I could remember last abduction happened several years ago when they were newcomers.

again I would shot my "Do U believe Aliens 外星人  exist?  pinkwork™ entity is one of them? " video series for Kayan & Chloe, the two new members of AsOne.