BIBLE copied from BOOK of the DEAD 埃及《死亡之書》Egypt? 一位被神秘消失的✹埃及法老王是基督教起源? ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

Heard a lot that the Bible 's 10 commandments 聖經十誡 were borrowed or originated from Egyptian Book of the Dead 死亡之書. Some Human academics even guessed the birth of Christianity are related to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh 埃及法老王 Akhenaten ( well, also his wife Queen Nefertiti ) who created or advocated the Sun God Aten Worship, which might also be the first monotheism 一神宗教 in Human History . Are these theories True?

As an organic robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial with a pre-programmed mission to collect all information about Humans. Let me talk about this topic this time... (大英博物館, 木乃伊展覽2017 )

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