☀The Origin of Angels & Satan?▲ ancient Persian Zoroastrianism (Fire Worship) ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

Don't know why my newly-created animated Robot suddenly recall 3 years ago, I "abducted" or better say "invited" two humans ( celebrity spiritual healer, radio host Dreamonita 夢妮妲 & early Christianity specialist Zeke Li ) to visit the worship hall of Zoroastrianism 古波斯拜火教 (an ancient Persian / Iranian religion) in Hong Kong 香港 & arrange them chat with the (very nice) highest priest Ervad Homyar there. .☀~ MEOW, I did it simply out of curiosity. As a non-physical extraterrestrial外星生命體, I am interested in anything related to Humans, including what you humans eat, wear, love and BELIEVE ... (大英博物館, 木乃伊展覽2017)