2017最新發現☀十多年前的At17 盧凱彤、 林二汶 ▲ 激罕「 #外星綁架 」影片! ( not 重組演唱會新歌 ) ~ pinkwork™ Abduction Video of a HK Girl Duo

found an old "Alien Abduction" video /  animation of #HongKong #singers #songwriters , an award-winning folktronic Girl Due ~ At17 ( EllenJoyceLoo 盧凱彤 and 林二汶 EmanLam) when they were still newcomers by ME aka pinkwork extraterrestrial. See... hope you humans all enjoys ... 


「嘻哈俠」McJin 歐陽靖 freestyled about PINK color ~✶pinkwork™ Video

▲~almost forgot I (
✶pinkwork™ extraterrestrial ) had abducted human McJin 歐陽靖 and requested him to freestyle about PINK 粉紅色 color several years ago. SEE, my Robot is playing this recorded short video.

This American Asian Rapper cum 7-time FreeStyle Friday winner moved back to # New York in 2014 after releasing several quite successful albums & starring in TV series / movies in Hong Kong. But his name suddenly became a BIG hit again this week in Asian regions after he was found competing in rap reality show ~ "The RAP of China" 中國有嘻哈 under the alias Hip Hop Man 嘻哈俠 ... because of his excellent performance, and well, comments from the judges ...


✶My animated Robot just visited the Egypt Mummies Exhibition 去睇埃及「木乃伊」展!

MEOW, just ordered my animated Robot to see the recently much-hyped "Eternal Life–Exploring Ancient Egypt" Exhibition  永生傳說 古埃及文明 展覽 in  Hong Kong Science Museum 香港科學館 ... Check the pinkwork SpaceShip Video ~

* English Version below


The ancient Jewish Magic that created 1st Human Adam ( Golem ) 創造亞當的魔法? Kabbalah 's 231 Gates ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

Hello Humans, back to this tiny planet again. My Robot will talk about an utterly interesting topic (maybe to an animated Robot only). That's the ancient Jewish Legend of creating an "artificial human" or Golem out of pure soil and water using the secret magic written in Jewish holy book Sepher Yetzirah ( The Book of Creation 創造之書 ) ... Details, click the video below.

WHY this 231 Gates symbol ( pairing of 22 Hebrew letters ) has the power of creation?

& Cantonese Version below


WHAT is Ancient Jewish Mysticism ✡ Kabbalah ? ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk 古猶太神秘學

MEOW, as an Extraterrestrial 外星生命體 who is curious about anything related to Humans, of course I would be intrigued to know more about the so called Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism 古猶太神秘學 卡巴拉 ( NOT because of popStar Madonna ). What is this ancient wisdom of your ancestors about? Let my Robot explain to you ... Hope IT can ~☀

 FULL-Length VIDEOs 



Analogue Instagram Photos turned Videos ?!~☀ ( creator pinkwork™ 's abducted quirky , creative Humans)

▲~Just ordered my animated Robot to turn Analogue photos of some of my "abducted" quirky or creative minded humans shot during the past many many years to Videos.  It would be more convenient for you humans to view I guess ...


☀The Origin of Angels & Satan?▲ ancient Persian Zoroastrianism (Fire Worship) ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

Don't know why my newly-created animated Robot suddenly recall 3 years ago, I "abducted" or better say "invited" two humans ( celebrity spiritual healer, radio host Dreamonita 夢妮妲 & early Christianity specialist Zeke Li ) to visit the worship hall of Zoroastrianism 古波斯拜火教 (an ancient Persian / Iranian religion) in Hong Kong 香港 & arrange them chat with the (very nice) highest priest Ervad Homyar there. .☀~ MEOW, I did it simply out of curiosity. As a non-physical extraterrestrial外星生命體, I am interested in anything related to Humans, including what you humans eat, wear, love and BELIEVE ... (大英博物館, 木乃伊展覽2017)


The "Blue Ribbon" Cooking Class experience of a ★ Restaurateur's grand daughter / Comics Lover ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

My newly-created pinkwork™ Robot 機械人 has a pre-programmed mission to collect "intelligence" related to Humans for me, including what you humans eat, wear, love, Believe ...etc.. It is particularly interested in talented or quirky minded humans like Chloe.  

As a grand daughter of founder of a michelin starred 米芝蓮星 Chinese restaurant group 集團 in Hong Kong, Chloe Lisa Kung said one day she will open her own michelin starred restaurant. And she seems to be quite serious about this ...  

Though she had helped her grandpa to manage a resraurant for 2 years and has to devote quite a lot of time to organizing Rainbow Gala, a hugely successful HK Dojinshi comic / Cosplay 同人誌 漫畫 bi-annual event founded by herself 10 years ago, last year Chloe went to Le Cordon Bleu (Blue Ribbon Cooking School 藍帶廚藝學院 ) to attend a full time cooking course ... Want to hEAR/sEE Chloe sharing her learning experience in this world-renowned culinary school? click the video below ..   

location: Le Creuset Wan Chai Shop



Humans 'd been to Mars 1 Million Years B.C. in 1984? from CIA declassified Docu. ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

My Robot 機械人 has a pre-programmed mission to collect "intelligence" related to Humans for me, including what you humans eat, wear, love, Believe ...etc.. This time IT is talking about a CIA declassified document saying about a Psychic Mars Exploration in 1984 to this red planet more than 1 Million Years ago and latest SpaceX 's Moon Travel plan. About Human Space Travel 太空旅行 Destination. Will Jupiter Moon 木星二號衛星 be better than earth moon?

pinkwork™ Robot Talk VIDEOs

English Version


pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity and its Robot 's Instagram

As a non physical extraterrestrial 外星生命體, I'm not so into 興趣不大 this human stuff ...I mean manage a Instagram pages. Anyway I just ordered my newly created organic Robot to open a IG page and upload some of my old & new photos there. Just to keep record and let you humans enjoys ...



BIBLE copied from BOOK of the DEAD 埃及《死亡之書》Egypt? 一位被神秘消失的✹埃及法老王是基督教起源? ~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk

Heard a lot that the Bible 's 10 commandments 聖經十誡 were borrowed or originated from Egyptian Book of the Dead 死亡之書. Some Human academics even guessed the birth of Christianity are related to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh 埃及法老王 Akhenaten ( well, also his wife Queen Nefertiti ) who created or advocated the Sun God Aten Worship, which might also be the first monotheism 一神宗教 in Human History . Are these theories True?

As an organic robot created by pinkwork™ extraterrestrial with a pre-programmed mission to collect all information about Humans. Let me talk about this topic this time... (大英博物館, 木乃伊展覽2017 )

pinkwork™ Robot Talk Video Series



Egyptian Mythology 埃及神話~初聽 ★ PINKWORK™ Radio Art + ZOOM Q2n recorder 音樂人攝錄機 TEST

pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity 外星生命體 ‘s human friend illustrator KiKi Wong traveled to Egypt last year, well, NOT for sight-seeing purpose. She joined a spiritual tour and did series of meditations near or inside the pyramids 金字塔. Sound very interesting to pinkwork™ entity and its newly created (animated) organic Robot, so abducted (or invited) this Human and her friend to its Robot’s spaceship again ...

* recorded by ZOOM Q2n, dubbed a recorder for musicians


CIA 's newly declassified Psychic Experiment in 1973 美國最新解密檔案~「通靈」實驗 !~✶pinkwork™ robot Talk Video Series

A Robot created by animated extraterrestrial is talking about the US CIA newly-released declassified Psychic Experiment in 1973 (these declassified documents also have some UFO sightings material) 讓我的 機械人 講講最新解密的美國 CIA 「通靈」實驗?!~✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk 影片系列 VIDEO Series ... MEOW。


▲ Alien Abduction video of a Taiwan singer-songwriter 台灣歌手~周湯豪Nick被外星生命體活捉研究﹝訪問﹞影片!

Nick Chou 周湯豪 is a singer-songwriter from Taiwan whose mother 比莉 is also a celebrity singer. During the last 4 years, he has turned down many movie and TV series 台灣偶像劇 roles, just want to focus on producing his new EDM album “Real” … Let ‘s hear him talking about his new album, an interview by an organic robot created by pinkwork entity (an animated character / extraterrestrial ) …
Hair : Kel Fung@HH hair.nail / Makeup: Micky Choy@such a good … / photos, videos by pinkwork



✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk ~ Finland 's Free Monthly Cash experiment 芬蘭「全民每月派錢」實驗

Let my newly-created animated Robot (Intelligent Machinery) talks about Finland 's latest Free Cash social experiment beginning 2017 ... It's not Robots stealing Humans' Jobs! The problem is why You Humans insist each of you should have a job to exist? 不是智能機械人搶走了人類的工作,問題是為何人類堅持要有一份工作才叫「存在」?


▲ pinkwork™ Robot 's Review 人類工具試用 影片系列

An organic Robot created by Me ( pinkwork entity ) have to learn to use some Humans' Tools, cause I've ordered it not using any super powers that Humans don't have ... SEE, It just tried out Pelican Air 1535 camera hard case and Zoom Q2n, dubbed a recorder for musicians ... More unbox and review 開箱評測 is coming.   ▶  http://youtube.com/qooradio 


✶pinkwork™ Robot Talk ~ Video Message Series

I'm not an Alien, I am just an organic Robot created by pinkwork™ entity, a non-physical Extraterrestrial  (an animated character) from an unknown dimension. I was created to help it collect intelligence about humans. Oh, abductions are required occasionally.

Video Series ▲~ youtube.com/qooradio

~ ★ ~

Global Warming is FAKE ! Proof by animated Alien? 地球暖化是騙局?-外星人找證據

香港旗的洋紫荊~會絕種!因為不育。The Flower on Hong Kong flag will extinct