Agnes b + IdN + WIWP : TWO FACED exhibition ... pinkwork gallery

This "TWO FACED" exhibition is about portraits created by 100 top creative people, including graphic designers, toy designers, photographers and etc. around the world, holding at agnes b's Librairie Galerie. Want to hear/see more about this exhibition? Could go to the virtual artgallery in zone b of pinkwork city or pink message (more text information about WIWP ... click white buttons can load video) ... 由IdN、Agnes b 及設計組識WIWP合辦的「人像」展覽現於Agnes b藝術廊舉行,集合全球100位頂尖創作人,包括設計師、插圖師、攝影師等等的「人像」作品。到pinkwork city虛擬藝術廊可以聽/看見兩位WIWP主腦人Daren & Iain ﹝本身也是設計師﹞講解今次展覽意念及平日工作時的「慘」況 ... pink message亦有更詳細的文字資料及video (按第一粒白色小按鈕) ...

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