a 17-year-old new talent G.E.M. / sound and video in pinkwork city

a 17 years old new talent pop singer in hk, G.E.M. grew up in a family of musicians. Her mum and grandmother both have Opera singing background, her grandfather was a saxophone player. Since she was 10, she has joined numerous singing contests and won many awards, including the "Spice-it Up" Singing Contest. This also won her a recording contract with a record label ... want to SEE / HEAR ( sound and video clips of ) her talking about herself and her debut album, go to pinkwork shortnews. Again pink message has more photo of her by my holga.

17歲的新人歌手G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 終於在今個月推出首張專輯《G.E.M.》。她自小在一個音樂家庭長大,婆婆和媽媽都是唱歌劇的,公公是吹Saxophone。G.E.M. 10歲開始已經參加大小不同的歌唱比賽,亦嬴了無數獎項,14歲時贏得「Spice-it Up」歌唱比賽冠軍,亦帶給她一個出唱片的機會。想聽聽 / 看看 ( 聲音及短片 ) G.E.M. 談談自己及她的專輯,可到pinkwork shortnews。另外pink message還有我用holga拍的G.E.M. .... ...