extra Large-sized mentos candy to pinkwork citizens ...!!!!

yes, pinkcat is very busy lately cause I'm working as a creative consultant for a publisher (she's my friend, a cat lover of course) to "create" a new FREE recipe magazine -- "Zhu Fan Zai". The title is a cantonese slang meaning 1. "lovers couple cooking a dinner at home together". 2. kids playing mini toy cooking set and ... 3. an innovative free Recipes x Taste Creation Cult magazine.

It's debut issue is finally OUT this month and available for people to pick ... this magazine was NOT published by pinkwork cause a CAT know nothing about cooking, just love to eat fish .... and This extra LARGE-sized roll of mentos candy is a "virtual" chinese new gift to U all. Happy Year of the Tiger !!!!!

最近忙得很,就是要幫一位出版社朋友﹝她是貓貓的好朋友﹞搞一本免費食譜雜誌,名字叫《煮飯仔》,擔仕他們的創意顧問。搞了幾個月,終於今個月面世 ... 在一田百貨派發的,會有一個YATA特別版本《煮飯仔》。* 這不是pinkwork出版的,因為貓貓不懂煮菜,而且相當偏食﹝只愛吃魚﹞ ... ... 我的出版社朋友卻是「煮食達人」... 別人是這樣稱呼她的!


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