J. Arie 雷琛瑜, a LAW graduate turned singer-songwriter 法律系畢業生當唱作歌手 / pinkwork shortnews

J.Arie Lui is a HKU LAW graduate, but she chose to be a full time singer-songwriter, well, right after her graduation last year. Want to sEE/hEAR J.Arie talking more about her music style, preference and her first song on radio (sound, photo & video), could now go to pinkwork™ city

剛剛上年在香港大學法律系罼業的雷琛瑜,有律師不做,決心做一個唱作歌手。 想聽/看她親自講講自己的音樂理念、喜好及第一首派台歌《第一志願》﹝聲音、相片及視頻﹞,可到pinkwork™虛擬城市 …


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