Shiga Lin 連詩雅 成為日本《月刊NEO》攝影集女主角, a PINKWORK™ Video of Creative Human

hk model cum actress cum singer Shiga Lin just finished a “photo album” project with Japan renowned photography magazine “月刊NEO“. Each issue they would found an interesting people to be the theme, usually are those Japanese pop stars or celebrities. Shiga feels very honored and excited to be chosen as their “theme” person… want to sEE/hEAR Shiga and her photographer Jimmy Ming Shumtalking more about their shooting experience and photo style, could go to pinkwork city mobile mini

日本的《月刊NEO》每期都會找一位人物做主題,推出寫真集,通常是日本的一些明星及名人。所以今次香港歌手/演員Shiga 連詩雅獲《月刊NEO》選中做主角,她當然亢奮到不得了… 想聽/看Shiga及攝影師Jimmy Ming Shum,講講他們在日本拍攝的經驗及相片的風格,可到我的pinkwork™ 城市 ( 手機迷你版 ) …

Wardrobe & Location: agnes b. hk


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