How to use Hebrew letters to create a Golem 古猶太「魔像」製法✩?

MEOW, ancient Jewish book "Sefer Yetzirah" (also named The Book of Creation) speaks of 231 gates through which the world was created. These gates are not so mysterious, just formed by pairing the 22 hebrew letters. There is a myth / legend / rumour ... that humans could use these gates to bring "life" to a clay body ~ the so called Golem. How? Scanning and reading (right to left, top down) these "gates" ~ that are letters inside the triangle (yeah, I've drawn these letter combination as a graphic chart ), you "might" be able to connect to the creative force of Hebrew letters.

My human friend ~ comic artist KiKi Wong told me she want to have a try, hoping to make Seaman (a sea sponge & comic character created by her) become a living Golem. Good luck, and look forward to her result ...

古猶太的《創造之書》提到希伯來文字母本身有創造能力,當初神聖創世,也是靠22個希伯來文字母以一雙雙配對,組成的231個組合﹝Gates﹞來完成。 又有傳說或神話,古時猶太拉比靠觀看+唸誦這231道「門」﹝3角型內的字母,次序右至左,上至下﹞,可令由泥土搓成的人型公仔,變成可活動,聽從主人吩 咐,好使好用的Golem﹝唔使電力的機械人﹞。

人類朋友~漫畫家KiKi Wong跟我說,她也要試試,想把她的漫晝人物「海人」,一團有手有腳的海綿﹝定係啫喱?﹞變成Golem。喵,等緊她的結果 ⋯⋯ 如果真係成功,肯定嚇死唔少人類●○。

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