My (human incarnation's) new Book 我﹝人類化身﹞的新書!

my (human incarnation’s) new Book titled《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》, literally means “Files of New Age People’s Mystical Experiences” in English, is finally OUT, now available in book stores and HK Book Fair. Don’t be mistaken by its title, this book is actually NOT just about interview features with several “new age” humans who are sharing their near-death, contact with angels, spiritual trip to a “pink” heaven .. etc. mystical experiences. Inspired by these real stories, the author (I) also wrote many “extraterrestrial ” messages related to human species. And the last section of this book “pinkwork™  apocalypse“  has completely “evolved” into a novel about a fictional future human world (that’s my most loved part).  Apart from text, you could also found many comic illustrations related to “me” in my book.Hope U humans all enjoy……

 我﹝人類化身﹞的新書New Age人神秘經驗檔案》已出版了,在各書店及2015年香港書展有售。別以為這是一本記事式書籍,實際是一件關於「人類」的藝術創作。

 「作者」幻想他只是被一個名字叫pinkwork™﹝上標字TM除了是人類世界理解的TradeMark,亦代表傳心訊息Telepathic Material﹞的純意識生命體隨意選中,借助其肉身來發表一些文字訊息的人類「化身 /中介體」。


Details 書本詳細資料 > http://pinkwork.com/radio/archives/1287 

*also some illustrations related to “pinkwork entity” in my book !