2015 Alien abduction of Christian/HK pop singer Cathy Leung Yu Yan 梁雨恩 by pinkwork

Extraterrestrial ~ pinkwork™ entity 外星生命體 likes to abduct humans with creative or quirky mind to "study" whenever stopping by this material planet, including artists, indie musicians, writers, singers ... and the likes. 路過地球便會「活捉」一些有趣的人類來研究。

This time its (my) target is HK pop singer / Christian 香港基督徒/歌手 Cathy Leung Yu Yan 梁雨恩. Cathy ‘s just released her second album 《情旅。侶程》, nearly eight years after her debut album 處女唱片《Under The Sun》in 2007. To know more about the abduction story, simply click  

> pinkwork.com/radio/archives/1319

photo, video and interview by pinkwork™ / wardrobe : AMENPAPA

pinkwork™ Time Travel Video
Cathy in 2007 梁雨恩出首張唱片時

Cathy, "Do I believe Aleins exist 信不信有外星人? 
pinkwork™ entity is one of them?"