Just added videos of 3 talented Humans 人頖 to pinkwork™ Time Travel series 逆向時光旅行短片系列

Just added videos of 3 talented humans to my Time Travel series 「回到他們仍是新人時...」短片系列. They are Jazz/Audiophile singer 爵士及Hi-Fi發燒碟歌手 Bianca Wu 胡琳, 歌莉雅 Gloria﹝who was a member of Indie group 從前是獨立音樂組合 Goodmorningloria 成員之一﹞ and pop singer 香港流行歌手 Cathy Leung Yu Yan 梁雨恩. Some of these video were shot nearly 10 years ago ...

As you might knew this video series is just a part of pinkwork™ entity 's "humans research 人類研究"project. Other interesting humans being captured in this series 系列內還有 include Asia-renowned singer-song-writer Khalil Fong 方大同、HK pop star Pak Ho Chau 周柏豪, GEM Tang 鄧紫棋, Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 ... to name a few.

胡琳...仍是新人時小視頻★hk Jazz Singer Bianca Wu in 2006

梁雨恩...仍是新人時小視頻★Video of hk singer Cathy Leung Yu Yan in 2007

歌莉雅 Gloria~10年前小視頻✯★Video of a hk Audiophile singer