"Frankenstein" & the ancient Jewish 231 Gates (of Creation) "Magic Ring" ~a pinkwork™ video explanation

Just came across the trailer of coming movie “Victor Frankenstein”  電影《科學怪人:創生之父》預告片~ a 2015 adaptation of the famous novel by Mary Shelley, it reminds me the ancient Jewish mysticism Kabbalah 古猶太神秘學卡巴拉 's "magic ring" ~ the 231 Gate of Creation 創造之門. How these two things are related 兩者有何關係? 

There are rumors saying this novel was actually inspired by the Jewish legends of Golem 魔像, an artificial semi-human made out of clay and brought to life by some kind of magic... And the trick/magic to enliven a clay figure are hidden 隱藏於 in ancient Jewish texts 古猶太經典 “Sefer Yetzirah” (The Book of Creation/Formation《 創造之書》).  HOW? just by pairing the 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet 希伯來文的廿二個字母 ... Check my detailed explanation in ... ✶~▷


✡ video explanation

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